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    also, i'd like to add that being lvl 50 doesn't tell anything. with servers with x20 XP being lvl 50 has never been this easy, which means that you have a mixed bag of good and bad 50's.

    if i were you, i'd stop looking at the lvl and more at the K/D ratio and the score of each player. those metrics are much much more important than only lvl.

    anyways, thank you for posting here, like others said we do our best to keep teams balanced and often switch teams when we can.

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    Looking at that screenshot. Anka doesn't count. We keep her around in order to show good relations with our Canadian neighbors. I like to play with my friends especially since we are using voice comms. But we will move ppl around on a case by case basis. In all seriousness, I appreciate you making a post about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullet View Post
    I go both ways on this. When I get in to game, I do so to game with my brothers! I want to be on MIG because thats why we're all here; to game with our brothers for fun. Now we do have some clannies that like to play against us.

    In your case I understand how it can be frustrating to see all MIG on one side, but please remember we rarely get to play together and I can assure you on a game like bf series, on a MIG server, you will always see a cluster of guys playing together. We do everything in our power to even the teams up but even then, some of our admins just want to play. Every admin always pulls up procon to look at "1 thing" and an hour later, they're wrapping up something else. So every now and then, we afford them the ability to play as they want.

    Hope that gives you a bit more clarification.
    Plus 1 on this. I dont get to pay very much either. So when I do I want to play with my clanmates in TS.

    Now to your point of the level 50's being on one side... Level doesnt mean squat. Just means youve put a lot of time into the game. I do feel your pain as far as being on a lesser team for a couple of rounds. Tough it out and things usually turn around after a few matches. Keep visiting the server! See you out there!!

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