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    Quote Originally Posted by ANKABOOM View Post
    North America and Europe for sure. Honestly I didn't found this prank funny at all ...... but anyway thnx for posting it.
    From what it's made of to be yes it's not funny but it's the reactions that they look for. the "pranksters" tell the people that it's a joke and it's just a big laugh in the end. If you want me to anka i will take it down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt.NumbNutz View Post
    If you want me to anka i will take it down?
    oh no my dear , you have to make those posts on the forums !!!!! Keep posting anything you want !!!!

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    One prank I've always found funny is the killer clown prank 😂😂 I do if you guys saw it, but I'm going to leave the link here. Take a look, it's a bite like the bomb prank, but change the bomb for a scary clown that exploded a fake face then runs at you.


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    Taking a screenshot of the home screen on someone's phone and leaving it open is always a good one

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