Rules & Regulations that MUST be followed as a member, guest or future member:

1. FIRST OF ALL IT IS A GAME SO HAVE FUN!!! = FUN and FRIENDS are ALWAYS more important than winning!

2. Admins and MIG soldiers must promote and enforce the rules.

3. Responsibilities are given to members who have shown exceptional dedication and integrity. (SO DO NOT ASK FOR IT)

4. All MIG Admins, Officers and/or Soldiers will not abuse their powers in any way.

5. MIG members are required to:
  • Assist in screening new members and evaluate their worthiness to join MIG.
  • Watch for clan jumpers and hackers/cheaters.
  • Respect all other members of Malicious Intent Gaming (MIG) as well as the public players in the gaming community while you wear the MIG tag on our server or another.

6. ANYONE IN MIG CAUGHT CHEATING WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISMISSED FROM THE CLAN. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Any member or player caught cheating on our servers will not only be immediately kicked/banned from MIG. But they will lose access to the forums, teamspeak and they will be banned from any and all our game servers by IP & global ID. If you become a member and found hacking/cheating your IP, GUID & Alias will be made public to all members, public & Anti-cheating software companies. This is the contract you sign by applying to our gaming group and your name will forever join our wall of shame.

7. Discrimination, Sexual Harassment or Racism is not acceptable on our servers or anyone else’s servers. Not as long as you wear MIG tags.

8. Profanity on the server is not banned but use common sense. If any of the Admins think it is excessive you will be warned, second time temporally kicked, third warning equals a ban.

9. Keep the teams balanced. Switch sides if you have to….Fair play ALWAYS. Again be respectful have good sportsmanship and don’t be a douche.

10. Members can only be in ONE clan at a time, if you’re with MIG, you cannot join any other clan. Doing so, gives us the right to remove you from the clan.

11. Recruiting for another clan as recruit or a member while in our servers (Game or Voice) you will be removed immediately and banned from all servers that we support.

12. Donations to the servers, vent and website are NOT mandatory but HIGHLY encouraged. This will not only help maintain your wonderful gaming experience but ensures we have future game servers when new games come out. Any donation of any amount is acceptable. With the amount of members we have, it takes only a small amount of money per member to keep our servers and website running.