The origins of Malicious Intent Gaming can be traced way back to 2003. It started with a great and free game called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It was here when two meatballs (Halothane and Bullet) met each other and eventually decided to leave their current gaming clan called IT-CHI and start their own group called Rebels With A Cause (rWc). This venture into their own group was both a success and a failure at the same time. We quickly learned how hard it was to run and maintain a gaming group. Especially on older games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Counter Strike: Source when most gamers have already established their favorite servers.

        In 2007 things eventually slowly fell apart but not over differences. Halothane was getting out of the armed forces and heading back to school and this decreased his playing time tremendously. Slowly they went their separate ways with Bullet remaining with rWc and Halothane eventually fell into another gaming group called The Phreakz.

        Fast forward to 2010 Halothane fresh from graduation and now with a huge disposable income decided to leave his current group and start up his own. Not forgetting Bullet he decided to call upon his old friend and another member from the Phreakz named Cripple. It was September 14th 2010 that Malicious Intent Gaming was created. Their three flag ships were to be Medal of Honor 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops & Brink. Medal of Honor 2010 ended up becoming a huge success for the group after a rough start. New members were coming in and going just as fast so they had to adopt strict admission criteria/requirements. With these new requirements in place their retention rate increased dramatically and they started to receive and retain higher quality applicants.

        However not all of their gaming servers were as successful as Medal of Honor. Call of Duty: Black ops failed miserably due to a very flawed game that would not stay online to save its life. They even attempted a Call of Duty 4 server but again the server failed miserably due to it being a older game and lack of support from their members. It was at this time they saw the departure of Cripple due to ego and control issues. Along with him some others departed their ranks to start their own group.

        However new members quickly filled the open slots left vacant and Malicious Intent Gaming became bigger, better and stronger. Even with failed COD games, MOH 2010 continued to be successful and by this time they had three MOH 2010 servers. As MIG rolled into 2011 they purchased smaller game servers for shits and giggles. Servers like Killing Floor and Lead and Gold. A Homefront server was attempted and again like COD failed due to lack of support from members and especially the Homefront community. It was at this time MIG decided that majority of the group had to agree on a game that would be supported before being purchased.

        By this time BRINK their third flagship was released. It was a good game but severely hated by gamers. The server was kept for one year and even though the game was enjoyable eventually the community dried up as well as support from the developers. Summer 2011 saw a great sale on Bad Company 2 and a majority of the group bought the game and they purchased a server as well as a joke until BF3 was to be released. Amazingly, to all MIG members, the server was very successful and continues to do very well to this day and continues to bring new members into their ranks.

        Eventually BattleField 3 was released and at this time MIG were 50+ members strong with two servers waiting in the wings for the release date. Unfortunately the server provider they contracted with had horrible hosting services and by the time they found a excellent provider the lack of support was not there. Many MIG members and public players established other servers they would rather play on. This does not include the fact that DICE are pieces of shit for wiping stats when playing on your own server with low player count calling it stat padding. DICE no one cares about stats but YOU!

        Their gaming empire and kick ass servers keep expanding with games such as DAYZ, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. So as Malicious Intent Gaming looks forward to the future the only thing missing right now is YOU!

    So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!


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