BC2's Golden Rules:

    3. DO NOT CHEAT.

    *Exceptions to rule #1:

    • Returning fire (shooting those who are shooting out of spawn - including vehicles/UAV)

      To further clarify, this means returning primary weapons fire - do not use rockets/mortars, as the splash damage will unintentionally make you violate rule #1.

    • Not cleared (MCOMs are both destroyed, but you have not been killed/made to respawn)
    • Vehicles are not fair game until they exit spawn. No shooting at choppers until they take off or tanks until they exit spawn, unless they are firing their weapons. Note that if a chopper returns to spawn, it is still fair game - landing in your spawn for repairs does not re-initiate immunity.

    ** Addendum to rule #2: This includes setting c4 on friendly MCOMs to blow up when attackers attempt to arm. This still harms the MCOM and is considered griefing. If the game punishes you with negative point values, you're doing something wrong.

    Malicious Intent Gaming strives to be a fun environment for all 32 players. Any behavior that negatively impacts the experience of playing on an MIG property for our public players or members is subject to punishment at administrators' discretion.

    Map Specific Rules:

    Isla Inocentes:

    First set of objectives, defenders are NOT allowed on top of the hill separating spawn from the island with objectives - this leads to violations of rule 2, and therefore has been disallowed. Remember, just because you can see attacker spawn does NOT mean that you can shoot into it.

    Port Valdez:

    Similarly, defenders are not allowed to ascend the hill leading to spawn. Defenders are not allowed past the cluster of rocks at the foot of the hill, adjacent to the road.

    Chatbox Etiquette:

    Racism/homophobia/discriminatory language will not be tolerated. Either are immediate mutes.

    The chatbox is meant for game-related chat - relaying information or coordinating strategy. Please use it as such; regular abuse of the chatbox in a manner such that an admin finds it deleterious to our gaming environment can also lead to a mute.

    Admin Etiquette:

    Admins are people too. Admins will use their best discretion in meting out punishment appropriate to the violation.

    Punishment escalates from warnings to kicks to temp bans to permanent bans. Players who are regulars on our server and are familiar with our rules may receive kicks/temp bans/permanent bans without warning as they know better and are on second/third violations.

    Griefing and cheating are permanent ban offenses, and this punishment will be dispensed immediately; admins use their experience and all tools at hand to make judgement on cheating players, and welcome any and all reports of suspected cheating for further inspection. DO NOT expect a ban on a suspicious player just because you reported it - allow the admins ample time to assess gameplay and come to a conclusion, often consulting with their peers. Respect their decisions when a ruling is made.

    Admins are not ever-present, nor are they infallible; report all suspicious or rule-violating activity, and appeal any decision you feel was made in error. Please be respectful in either of these processes.



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